Our Service

What We Offer

24/7 Communication Response

Our trained customer service experts respond to customers via phone, email, live chat and click-to-call around the clock. They understand the integration of a great customer service strategy with sales/marketing and will expand your entire business’s capacity to qualify and convert leads. No matter what time your employees leave the office for the day or if it’s a weekend or holiday, our team will continue to stay in constant contact with your customers.

Personalized Customer Service

Our team goes above and beyond to craft personal and customized scripts to help customers feel connected to your brand. We are simply an extension of your customer experience, and we operate as though we are an in-house sales and marketing team.

Live Lead Capture

The Active Calls team knows how to qualify leads for your home services company, and will transfer relevant calls and emails to your sales team.

Appointment Management

If a customer calls with a home service appointment-related need (like scheduling or rescheduling), our team will take care of it. We can add or modify their appointment using a shared calendar according to your company’s availability.

Sales Support

If a customer is ready to purchase a product or service from your company, we can help them complete their order on the spot. Our team will become familiar with your sales process to offer callers a uniform customer experience.